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Creeping Inexorably Toward A Worthwhile Sub-Heading.
Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Apparently, I'm Cranky

I've noticed I'm a bit touchy today, so why not take it out on some (not so) innocent baseball scribes?

Nitpicking - Do Your Job Edition

Do they have editors at the Sun-Times? Or even dictionaries? (I'd ask for writers, but I'm trying to remain realistic) Here's this beaut from Mike Kiley in the requisite piece about Sammy Sosa dealing with media questions on the "steroid" controversy. I've included the entire paragraph for context, and the article can be found here:

As gracefully as Arthur Ashe guarding the baseline, Sosa arrived in camp and returned all the media serves -- some smashes, some lobs -- with unerring accuracy. He deflected parries that were aimed at eliciting a "Perry Mason'' type of confession. But Sosa isn't easily broken down.

First, I've never seen a "lob" serve. I used to watch a lot of tennis when I was young (my Mom's fault), and even when everyone was using wooden racquets, I never saw a lob to start a point. Sure, a second serve might have less juice and more spin, but it was hardly a lob.

Second, I'm not a fencing expert, but I'm fairly sure that deflecting a parry is, by definition, unnecessary. Perhaps if Mr. Bean had a fencing match with himself one would see a flurry of defensive moves without offensive stimuli, but I don't think that's the image aimed at. It's bad enough form to change sports metaphors in mid-paragraph, but if you must, at least be accurate.

Third, I also watched a lot of Perry Mason when I was a kid, and I swear he never threatened a witness with an épée. Even in California, lawyers eliciting confessions with weaponry are frowned upon, and often given a finger-wagging talking to. I'm positive Mr. Mason, fictional though he may be, was no exception.

Nitpicking - Taken Out of Context Edition

Read this opening paragraph by Dan O'Neill of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and note what comes to mind:

In baseball, if not in literary circles, you can go home again ... as long as you bring a good needle.

The needle referred to is the teasing type, and the article is about former Cardinals trying to win jobs in St. Louis this year, however, with all the attention focused on performance enhancers, establishing context before using a needle reference would be advisable.

Nitpicking - Unforgivable Pun Edition

The headline from an article about new Milwaukee catchers, Chad Moeller and Gary Bennett, in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Brewers revising menu behind plate

Save us all.

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Posted by Derek @ 12:07 PM