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Creeping Inexorably Toward A Worthwhile Sub-Heading.
Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Game Notes 19: That Taste...It's So Familiar...(GASP!)...It's My Own Medicine!

I have a confession to make. I stopped watching the game after five and a half innings. This was due to a combination of factors:

1) The seven runs the Cubs had given up to that point
2) The complete, undeniable dominance of Randy Johnson
3) My daughter's unexpected presentation of a window of opportunity for sleep

None of these factors on their own is usually enough to put me off a ballgame, but put all of them together, and you best believe I'll abandon our boys and hop on the next train to dreamland.

For what it's worth, the '27 Yankees would have looked like blind T-Ballers in straightjackets against the Unit last night, so in my mind, there's no shame in the Cubs' performance at the dish. Sometimes a pitcher comes out and owns you from the first pitch, and on those days, you tip your hat, say "thank you very much," and move on.

I do have to comment, though, on the Jose Macias at bat from the third inning. It was unique to me in that it was 10 pitches long, including 7 consecutive foul balls, yet there was no doubt at any point during the confrontation who would win. There wasn't a single pitch where Macias didn't look completely overmatched, and yet if he was a better hitter, he might have been able to coax a walk. Multiple pitches that Macias gamely fouled off would have been balls had he let them pass.

He didn't, though, and it was obvious he wouldn't. He was too scared to let one go, so he kept closing his eyes and flinging his bat out there, praying to the baseball gods that he might dump the ball in play where there were no defenders. However, it wasn't to be, and as soon as Johnson got annoyed enough to throw Macias something that wasn't a fastball, the confrontation was over with a weak swing and a mope to the pine.

Then there was the play by Chad Tracy in the top of the sixth, and if you haven't seen it yet, just watch your favorite highlight show, or wait until the year end nominations for individual defensive plays come out on I guarantee you, anytime a guy nearly takes a header on the concrete in the stands after flipping 180 degrees thanks to a fence in the gut, yet hangs onto the ball that got him in the predicament in the first place, recognition flows to such feats like Duff to the mouth of Barney Gumble. You will see it again. And again. And again.

That's where my observations stop, and what more was there to see, anyway (other than an apparently mammoth shot off the bat of Richie Sexson, which I will certainly catch on a reply somewhere)? I only have one other thing to point out, and it's a quote from Bob Brenly, manager of the Diamondbacks, regarding his removal of Randy Johnson after seven innings and 98 pitches.

I'm sure he could have finished that game very easily, but we saved him a few innings there and hopefully we can tack those on in September.

I would never in a million years wish for Bob Brenly as a manager, but I would be forever grateful if Dusty understood the simple concept outlined above. - *sigh* - A guy can dream, can't he?

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Posted by Derek @ 11:09 AM